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Acumen Accounting specialise in providing a top-rate accountancy and book-keeping service to small professional firms at a reasonable price. We tailor our service exactly to the needs of our clients and make sure all their compliance work is done within the required deadlines with the minimum of fuss. We can also assist with more specialised work such as business plans, cash flow forecasts and staff share schemes.

We are based in Purley and operate across the whole of Surrey and South London, in particular Croydon, Clapham, Sutton, Streatham, Kingston and Epsom. We also take on clients from other parts of UK (and other countries too providing they speak English). 

Through our sister firm, Acumen Tax Solutions, we give practical and cost-effective advice across a broad range of personal and corporate taxes. We suggest strategies that will reduce your future tax burden and help you to implement them.

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New Start-Ups

If you are planning to start up a new business, you may need help with a lot of things such as deciding on your legal form, notifying the Revenue, shareholder or partnership agreements, VAT registration, PAYE registration, choosing a bank account, taking on employees, business plans, cash flow forecasts, insurance, health and safety, venture capital, the list goes on and on. Come and talk to us so we can smooth your way as much as possible, leaving you to focus on the main task of actually running the business.

Free Consultation

If you are starting up a new business or looking for a new accountant, we will give you an initial consultation, free of charge, to discuss accounting and tax issues and suggest possible solutions ahead of any paid work we do.

bulletpoint Telephone: Call us on 020 3669 5270 for a free 15 minute chat.
bulletpoint Email: We will explain by e-mail (up to 150 words) how exactly we can help you if you complete our enquiry form on the Contact Us page with as much detail as possible.
bulletpoint Personal Visit: If you live in the Purley area and are either starting a new business or changing your accountant, then in addition to the above we will come and visit you for a free 30 minute meeting to see how we can help you.
bulletpoint Visit Us: Alternatively, you may come to see us by appointment for a free 30 minute meeting in our own office.

Our Fees

We aim to agree all fees with our clients up front with no nasty surprises. If an hourly rate is agreed, we estimate the amount of time a task is likely to take as best we can and keep you informed of progress as we go along. In many cases we can agree fixed fees for certain tasks such as year end work so you know exactly how much to expect. We are also flexible on invoicing and take account of your cash flow requirements.

Unfortunately it is not possible to give a comprehensive list of fees for each service we provide as each client is different and a task that may be fairly simple for one such as a cash flow forecast may require a higher degree of expertise for another.

However, we aim to keep our fees fair and competitive and provide excellent value for money at all times.

Acumen & the Environment

We at Acumen take our responsibilities towards the environment seriously and do our best to help the planet in the following ways:-

bulletpoint Home working: We encourage our employees to work from home whenever possible thus saving energy costs on commuting
bulletpoint Recycled paper: We only buy paper that has been re-cycled which hopefully saves a few trees!
bulletpoint Refilled ink cartridges: All our printer cartridges are re-usable which is not only cost effective but environmentally-friendly too.
bulletpoint No unnecessary printing: We think before we print! No unnecessary hard copies. Also saves on filing space!
bulletpoint Computers: No power is wasted on our premises. Computers are switched off at night or put on stand-by when not in use.
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