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Package Deals for Contractors

We offer all-inclusive packages for contractors

Bronze Service Silver Service Gold Service
£95 per month
bronze bulletpoint Year End Micro Entity Accounts
bronze bulletpoint Corporation Tax Return
bronze bulletpoint Quarterly VAT Returns
bronze bulletpoint Annual Book-keeping
bronze bulletpoint Annual RTI Payroll
bronze bulletpoint Annual Dividend Voucher
bronze bulletpoint Annual Expense Claim
bronze bulletpoint Annual Confirmation Statement
bronze bulletpoint Unlimited Email/Telephone Support
£120 per month
All Bronze Services plus
silver bulletpoint Tax and Remuneration Planning
silver bulletpoint New Company Registration for Taxes
silver bulletpoint Quarterly Management Accounts
silver bulletpoint Quarterly Dividend Vouchers
silver bulletpoint Quarterly RTI Payroll
silver bulletpoint Quarterly Book-keeping
silver bulletpoint Quarterly Expense Claims
silver bulletpoint Quarterly Mileage Claims
silver bulletpoint IR35/S660 Contract Review (worth £150)
silver bulletpoint Personal Tax Return (main pages only)
£150 per month
All Silver and Bronze Services plus
gold bulletpoint Company Formation (worth £100)
gold bulletpoint Annual Profit Forecasts
gold bulletpoint Calculation of Fixed Monthly Drawings
gold bulletpoint Childcare Vouchers
gold bulletpoint Home Office License Agreement
gold bulletpoint Home Office Profit Calculations
gold bulletpoint Quarterly IR35 Provisions
gold bulletpoint Monthly RTI Payroll
gold bulletpoint Spouse/Partner Payroll
gold bulletpoint Loan Account Interest Calculations
gold bulletpoint Annual CT61 Return (for interest)
gold bulletpoint Mortgage References (up to 3 a year)
gold bulletpoint Companies House in-year forms 
gold bulletpoint HMRC Penalty Appeals (unlikely to arise)
Note 1
Individual Gold and Silver services can be added on a "pick and mix" basis for an additional fee if you do not need the whole package and prefer a cheaper service, but you will need to check it does not work out more expensive that way.

Note 2
It is also possible to substitute an extra service not listed above (possibly from the list of additional services below) for a service you do not require such as IR35 provisions or childcare vouchers. Please ask if this is of interest to you

Note 3
For the Bronze service you will need to send a quarterly spreadsheet of sales and purchases for your VAT returns but no invoices until the year end. For Silver and Gold we will do all the book-keeping on a quarterly basis so you just need to send us the invoices.

Note 4
It is possible to switch from Gold or Silver to a Bronze service during the year if your contract ends and you no longer require quarterly accounting. The new fees will depend on how far into the financial year the change happens.

Note 5
The contract can be cancelled at any time but there will be a minimum fee of £300.

Note 6
We can also reduce your contract to a Year End service only subject to a minimum fee of £750.

Additional Services (fees negotiable)
bulletpoint Spouse Share Transfers
bulletpoint Monthly Client Invoicing
bulletpoint Company Loan Agreements
bulletpoint Additional Tax Return pages (e.g. Land and Property)
bulletpoint Capital Gains Tax calculations, planning and advice
bulletpoint Inheritance Tax calculations, planning and advice
bulletpoint Sole Trader or Partnership Incorporations
bulletpoint Goodwill Valuations
bulletpoint HMRC Compliance Visits
bulletpoint Company Dissolutions
bulletpoint Entrepreneur's Relief Claims
bulletpoint Bare Trusts for Minor Children (to transfer company shares)
bulletpoint Alphabet Shares
bulletpoint Optimal Spouse Share Splits
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